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Busy, and Burnt-out, Black women who are struggling with a fear of failure (perfectionism), people-pleasing (need to find voice), and low self-esteem (inner critic) that stems from childhood emotional wounds. They usually are run from their emotions or compartmentalize their hurt because they don’t know how to connect nor manage their emotions. They need help rebuilding their relationship with themselves. If you've tried to heal from reading all the books and being successful yet continue to find yourself at square one, please understand the thinking, reading, and career-building only extends itself but so far. You are going to need to strengthen your emotional capacity to help you not fix or get rid of the hurt, but to actually work thru it. No one has taught us how to be with or be for ourselves. We do this for everyone else and struggle to have compassion for our own hurts. It will be thru re-building the relationship you are having with yourself that you will be able to thrive and experience life with a bit more ease versus maneuvering thru life surviving and under the pressures from the burdens of the past you carry. It's time for you to see all of you and to go back and be there for yourself the way you needed someone to be there in the first place.  You need to not only know that you are worthy in spite of whatever has happened; you also need to know it from, and in, your heart that You've always been...ENOUGH!

Sometimes, it seems as if life just has it in for us and we can never catch a break. It's hard to stop overthinking, overanalyzing, and over worrying about the "what-if's." On top of that, you find yourself focusing on whether or not others are judging you, which leads to you judging, questioning, and doubting yourself. Heavy chest, teary eyes, racing heart and thoughts are some signs of how anxiety is experienced in the body.


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Isolation. Mental fog. Sleepless nights. Sadness. Depression can frustrating and cause physical and mental anguish. Friends and family don't understand. And while you continue to try and explain (what at times is unexplainable)...they still don't get, and you continue to feel disconnected and in despair. Therapy will help you to explore this part of you that's depressed and learn healing skills that will help you feel more thru the depression versus feeling stuck by it.

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Hello! My name is Andrieah and I am a licensed psychotherapist in  Jacksonville, FL, as well as licensed to practice in the state of Georgia.  I help those who struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and self-esteem issues that cause anxiety, depression, and avoidance of their emotions which stems from childhood trauma(s). Life feels overwhelming and demanding and you're at a crossroads at either staying stuck or making some changes.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Certified Daring Way Facilitator


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