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Helping women to accept themselves and start living out loud.

Hi! I'm Andrieah.

I support professional, high-achieving Black women who struggle with people-pleasing and perfectionism to uncover their self-worth, understand their own needs,  and become more assertive.

Sound Familiar?


People pleasers are constantly trying to please everyone, which can be exhausting, especially when you're trying to keep up with all the demands of your job, family, friends, and significant other. You might think that people pleasers are just doing what they think will make everyone happy—and that's true—but there's another reason why people pleasers do what they do: They're afraid of disappointing the people around them.

This fear comes from a deep belief that if they don't meet certain expectations, then someone might leave them or stop loving them. So, when someone asks them to do something or give something up for them (like time or money), they say yes because they're worried that if they don't do what's being asked of them, then their relationship will suffer or even end.

But in reality? The only thing that happens when you say yes to everything is that life gets harder and harder as you try to please everyone else while sacrificing your own needs along the way. This usually leads to burnout and exhaustion because you're not giving yourself enough time to recharge!  

Does the following show-up for you in how you show-up in your relationships?


You struggle with saying "No" or advocating for your desires or wants within the relationship.


You feel guilty for not doing the things they may want you to do. You believe you've messed up the relationship or that you're somehow wrong. 


You try your best to avoid conflict, or ruffle any feathers, in fear of being rejected and alone.


You're always doing something for someone and it turns into you being busy most of the time. You've lost access to doing things for yourself due to being tied up with every one elses needs coming before your own. 

Are you experiencing?

There a few reasons why you may become anxious if you were to stop people-pleasing such as being criticized  for speaking your mind or no longer being cared for if you go against others. There's a real worry that if you show up with all you that you may not get your needs met and once again be disappointed. You've been told to just put yourself first or to stand up for yourself but it's not that simple. When you are constantly afraid, and even dread, upsetting others due to wanting to just BE who you are because you overworked in being the perfect friend, employee, family member...It's overwhelming being in relationship

When anxiety shows up around being able to say no, worry about setting boundaries, afraid of conflict, concerned about others may think about you, depression can be seen on the horizon.  Not being able to be liberated from the high expectations placed upon yourself, the lack of self-care due to being busy, and not being to be show up as your true self..without the guilt of needing to do more and be more. If you're ready to begin to live life from a place of confidence and with self-interest, book your consultation call to get started.

Are you ready to step into more: 


You want to have the strength to ask for what you want


You want to be aligned with your own feelings and opinions.


You want to express your feelings and desires without the guilt.


You want to value yourself and to know that you matter just as much as those you care about.

If you said "yes" to any of these, schedule your consultation by clicking "I'm Ready!"

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