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Our mission is to help women understand the importance in taking care of
their own needs by learning self-care strategies and incorporating these skills that will improve their well-being. Our goal is to empower women, internationally, to embrace self-care through travel, connection, and introspect.

March 15th- 19th, 2018

Join us in Costa Rica for 5 days and 4 nights. We will be staying near Arenal Lake and Volcano in a beautiful lodge. Morning yoga, activities/excursions, and process groups with other women to connect and gain more insight into your own self-care ways and needs.

If you're the woman who finds herself struggling to manage your multiple roles...

If you're the woman whose drive and commitment to everything except herself causes internal conflict and mental chaos...

If your ability to pursue your dreams, take personal risks and engage in new meaningful activities is stifled due to fear or feeling "stuck" ...

Peace Piece Women's Oneness Retreats is what you need.

These retreats are designed to change your life as you know it. You will experience:

~ Inspiration with Reflection ~

~Rejuvenation with Clarity~

~ Adventure with Growth ~

Piece of Peace is for the woman who not only seeks balance but desires harmony among her hearts desires and actual obligations.

This November 9th-13th, Andrieah Johnson, LMHC and Shacara Mitchell, RMHCI (Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern), will take you on an experience of a lifetime.

With a collaboration among Costa Rica's natural resources and adventures, daily yoga and meditation, pampering from our personal massage therapists and daily process groups, this retreat will undoubtedly foster awakening of self and a cultivation of skills necessary for you to find that woman you've been missing...YOU!

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