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Welcome to Connected Conversations Counseling!

My name is Andrieah Johnson, and I am the owner of this counseling practice.


As a licensed psychotherapist, I help Black women who are struggling with the burdens of people-pleasing and perfectionism that constantly keeps them in a cycle of working hard to ensure other people are happy in hopes that they will be seen, valued, and loved. On the outside, they have it all together, yet on the inside they are overworked from trying to earn the validation and acceptance of others due to the fear of rejection and belief of not being good enough; as well as not wanting to be seen as failure.


These burdens are generally established due to the dynamics in the relationship with a parent or caregiver that was distressing/traumatic in gaining their approval and connection in childhood.

Here at Connected Conversations Counseling, the goal is to support you in de-centering and di-vesting from other's needs and building up your self-interest from the inside out.

~Andrieah Johnson LMHC, LPC

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


Helping You Move Forward

 Therapy is about collaboration. It's about feeling safe and respected, and it's about building rapport with me as we work together to create a safe space for you to bring your authentic self to each session.

And change doesn't happen overnight. You're at a different stage in your healing process than someone else might be, and that's okay—I'll meet you where you are, and we'll take things at your pace.

I believe that each one of us hold wisdom that can be tapped into during their healing. Your thoughts matter, your body has something to say, and your soul is ready to lead.

I believe in a holistic approach to therapy. I know the difference between coping skills and healing skills, because I've been there myself. And I've learned that this journey will be challenging and enlightening—but worth it!

Patient sitting on sofa and talking to therapist during therapy.jpg

This work is not meant to be done alone; I look forward to partnering with you during this season of your life!

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