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Welcome. My name is Andrieah Johnson and I am the owner of Connected Conversations Counseling, located in Jacksonville, FL.  My services also extend into Georgia. As a licensed psychotherapist,  I help those who struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and self-esteem issues that activate or cause anxiety, depression, and avoidance of their own emotions which stems from childhood relational trauma(s).  I specialize in helping you work through these areas so that you can heal and transform they way you relate to yourself and to others. The treatment modalities I utilize incorporate the mind, body and soul; a psycho-spiritual approach. Each one holds a wisdom that we can tap into as you go through this journey, making it a holistic experience. Your thoughts matter, your body has something to say, and your soul is ready to lead. 

  This work is not meant to be done alone and I look forward to partnering with you to be a part of your support system during this season of your life. 

As an attachment-based therapist, I believe that healing happens in relationships. I help you re-build the relationship you are having with yourself by helping you to understand and regulate your emotions, transform self-doubt into confidence, and to guide you into being able to go back and heal the hurting parts of you that have experienced trauma and/or a devaluing experience and let go of negative core-beliefs and burdens you no longer need to carry.




Helping You Move Forward

Therapy works best when you and I are collaborating. Feeling safe and respected are just as important to the therapeutic process as us being able to build a rapport with one another. As we both curate a safe space to do this work, over time, your ability in feeling secure will assist you in being able to bring your authentic self to each session. 

Change does not happen instantaneously. It is a process. I recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their desire to change; or to grow and heal past a situation. My style of therapy involves a holistic approach. I will meet you where you are at.  You will learn the difference between coping skills and healing skills.

This journey will be challenging and enlightening. I won't say that you always "feel like it," however, all I ask is that you bring your truth and your presence. I will too.

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