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At Connected Conversations Counseling, patients get to conduct their sessions from the comfort of their own spaces such as at home or even at work. Such spaces look like at home on the couch, at work on a lunch break in your office or in your car, sitting by a well lit window in your living room, etc. As long as you have the privacy, you can have an imitate and productive therapy session.



Sessions are 75 min. There is also an option to have an Extended session which is 2.5 hrs. Extended sessions are great for those that a bit more time to talk and process. Your sessions can be held via any electronic device such as a phone or tablet. The preferred device for your sessions would a desktop or laptop computer and a private, uninterrupted, space.


Co-Therapy happens when there is a lead therapist and co-lead therapist working together on a client's mental and emotional health care. When there are areas where you and your therapist are getting stuck in your treatment, bringing in another therapist with a fresh set or eyes, ears, and interventions can bring about a shift. If you are a therapist who has assessed that additional support would be helpful to your client or you are currently in therapy and would like additional support within your mental and emotional health healing by incorporating Internal Family Systems and/or Brainspotting, co-therapy could be an option. 

Send us an email to to discuss fit and fee.

Connected Conversations Counseling only offers individual ongoing sessions at this time. 

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